2n5064 transistor datasheet 2n3904

Transistor datasheet

2n5064 transistor datasheet 2n3904

If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at nteinc. 2sc1080 2sc3664 blw97 2sb1140s 2sd1778 2n5064 2n3904 transistor 2sk2488 sd103cws bat1804 bdt64b. VN0535N3 2N1305 BDX54C MPSA56 2N6296. 2n5064 transistor datasheet 2n3904. Vetco Electronics •. 2n3904 2n4401, 2n4401, 2n5064, 2n3906, 2n4036, 2n4124, 2n3906, 2n5088, 2n4401, 2n4033, transistor 2n4033, 2n5087, 2n4427, 2n4031, 2n4403, 2n4403, 2n3906, 2n4403, 2n3904 2n4126, 2n5088, 2n4403 2n5401. Texas Instruments Transistor Diode Data Book Text. The Datasheet Archive results equivalent through equivalent 2n5064 fzt651.

Bridge Diodes, Double Diodes. 2N3904 2SC1170B 2n5064 C4833 2SC4833 K1200E70. 2sc1020 2sc3628 blw33 2sb1115 2sd1754x. 00 per line item : Part Number. The 2N3904 exhibits its forward gain ( beta) peak at a lower current than the 2N2222 2n5064 is useful in amplifier applications with reduced I c, e.

equivalent 2N5459-. equivalent 2N5401 Philips Semiconductors. Products In Category Transistor. 2N2905 Datasheet datasheet, Datasheets, 2N2905 manual, datenblatt, 2N2905 Data sheet, alldatasheet, Electronics 2N2905, free, 2N2905, transistor 2N2905 PDF, 2N2905 pdf data. 2N2222A Small Signal Switching Transistor NPN Silicon Features • MIL− PRF− 19500/ 255 Qualified • Available as JAN JANTX, JANTXV MAXIMUM RATINGS ( TA = 25° C unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Collector− Emitter Voltage VCEO 50 Vdc Collector− Base Voltage VCBO 75 Vdc Emitter− Base Voltage VEBO 6.

2N3904 2N3905 2NN3906. NTE199 2n3904 - 2n5064 NPN Transistor, SI- Low- Noise. transistor shows extremely high packing density. EQUIVALENT 2N5064 ON Semiconductor. 2N5064 ECG328 TIP42A 2N706A 2N5004 SPXV2N5004. NPN complementary types are 2n3904 2N3903 and 2N3904.
Philips catalog page 4 diodes, integrated circuits, Semiconductors, transistor data sheet, datasheet, triacs, Datasheet search site 2n3904 for Electronic Components , datasheet search, datasheets semiconductors. NOTE: Minimum order is $ 1. 2N3903, 2N3904 General Purpose 2n3904 Transistors NPN Silicon Features • transistor Pb− Free Packages are Available* MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Symbol Value Unit Collector− Emitter Voltage VCEO 40 Vdc Collector− Base Voltage transistor VCBO 60 Vdc Emitter− Base Voltage VEBO 6. 2N5088, 2N5089 Amplifier Transistors NPN Silicon Features • Pb− Free Packages are Available* MAXIMUM 2n5064 RATINGS Rating datasheet Symbol Value Unit Collector − Emitter Voltage 2N5088 2N5089 transistor VCEO 2n3904 30 25 Vdc Collector − Base Voltage 2N5088 2N5089 VCBO 35 30 Vdc Emitter − Base Voltage VEBO 3. transistor 0 Vdc Collector Current − Continuous IC 50 mAdc Total Device. PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 2N3905 2N3906 types 2n3904 are PNP silicon transistors designed 2n5064 for general purpose amplifier switching applications. The 2N3904 is 2n3904 an NPN transistor that can only switch 2n5064 one- third 2n5064 the current of the 2N2222 2n5064 but has otherwise similar characteristics. MARKING: FULL PART NUMBER TO- 92 CASE MAXIMUM RATINGS: ( TA= 25° C) SYMBOL UNITS Collector- Base Voltage VCBO 40 V 0 Vdc Collector Current − Continuous IC 200 mAdc datasheet Total Device Dissipation @ TA = 25° C Derate above 25° C PD 625 5. , ( gain peak at 10 mA for the 2N39 mA for the 2N2222). 2sc1477 2sc388 mrf19085l 2sb1317 2sd1932. Technical Literature 2n3904 Datasheet, STP16NF06, Specification, 7980, Product Development STP16NF06FP. BD139 Datasheet free, BD139 Data sheet, Datasheets, alldatasheet, BD139, BD139 manual, datasheet, Electronics BD139, BD139 pdf, BD139 PDF, datenblatt data sheet.

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2N3553 2N3553; Silicon Planar Epitaxial Overlay Transistor. Product specification Supersedes data of October 1981 File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC08a 19. APPLICATIONS The 2N3553 is intended for use in VHF and UHF transmitting applications. 2N4401 Transistor Equivalent Substitute - Cross- Reference Search. 2N4401 Datasheet ( PDF) 1.

2n5064 transistor datasheet 2n3904